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Tobias Brunner

...(a.k.a. tobru) is a Network and Linux Engineer (LPIC-2), working at VSHN AG and blogs about DevOps, Networking, Linux and OpenSource topics on his techblog

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The tobrunet used to be the name of my private network which was located in several places over the years. It started at home under my bed around the year 2000. Then it moved to another room, then to the basement in its own rack, then to a small datacenter, then to a professional datacenter called coloz├╝ in a small rack. Later it moved to a full rack which has now become the Currently the tobrunet is just one server. All other stuff (router, switches) belong to the community. Oh yes, there is a PI IPv6 space under this name: 2001:67c:2c28::/48.

On the server I run several VMs which are serving my websites, sending and receiving mails with Kolab and doing some other very serious(tm) stuff.


Network and management design of my old rack

  • Red connections: Internet and core
  • Green connections: Management network
  • Blue connections: Production traffic

There are two main internet connections (each 1Gbps), one is active, one passive. If the active router goes down or the connection is broken, the passive connection takes the active part. To ensure default gateway availability (IPv4 as well as IPv6) VRRP-E is running on the routers, including uplink port tracking. Every important device is connected to a serial server which is reachable over a dedicated out-of-band internet connection. If the main connection goes down, necessary steps can be carried out through this secure out-of-band management connection.

Pictures of the quarter rack

Front - Cold Aisle

The management switch and the network switched PDU are mounted on this side. From top to bottom: management swich, r1, r1, servers, apc pdu.

Front - Cold Aisle

Back - Hot Aisle

Using colors to distinguish the completely different network segments helps to not connect to the wrong segment. The green cables are the management network, the blue ones the production traffic and the red ones are the core connections (like uplink or interswitch traffic).