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Tobias Brunner

...(a.k.a. tobru) is a Network and Linux Engineer (LPIC-2), working at VSHN AG and blogs about DevOps, Networking, Linux and OpenSource topics on his techblog

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Squeezebox Dashing widget

An easy way to get information out of a Squeezebox server and display it on a dashboard.

Secure services with TLS

A guide to more secure services (HTTPS, IMAPS, ...) using TLS and a modern Apache configuration


Cisco FlexLink and Brocade

There can be some situations where you need to create a redundant link between two switches/routers(f.e. between a Ci...

Kolab 3 Anti-Spam

During the last month of running Kolab 3.0 on my Debian server, I tweaked some settings for anti-spam fighting.Here i...

Puppet module to manage SmokePing

Managing SmokePing with Puppet is now easy, thanks to my new Puppet module, published on Puppet Forge and Github.It c...

Kolab 3 and Activesync

Kolab 3 has built-in ActiveSync support, using Syncroton.It’s integrated into Roundcube, all settings can be done usi...

Kolab 3 on Debian Wheezy

A few weeks ago, the OpenSource Groupware Kolab 3 has been released.It features a brand new Webmail client based on R...

A new Blog is born

Here it is, my new Blog. I wanted to have my own Techblog for a long time, but did not do it until now.There will be ...