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Tobias Brunner

...(a.k.a. tobru) is a Network and Linux Engineer (LPIC-2), working at VSHN AG and blogs about DevOps, Networking, Linux and OpenSource topics on his techblog

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Contents is a Swiss based “Verein” in Zurich. We run a co-location rack in a professional datacenter in the city of Zurich. The idea is to provide space for our members to put their server in a datacenter with good connectivity to the world, sharing the costs and effort to run it. We are RIPE member and run our own LIR. Have a look at our website to get more information:

The idea - Or how everything began

I own an Internet-connected server since many years (see also tobrunet), as the network growed over time I thought about sharing it with others. Talking to many friends about this idea of sharing rack space lead to the conclusion that we should found a “Verein”. Soon was born.

Geeky details

  • 2 x 10Gbit/s uplink
  • 1 Gbit/s uplink to SwissIX
  • Own AS 57118
  • /22 IPv4 PA space allocated
  • /19 IPv6 PA space allocated
  • 1 Full Rack
  • Redundant power